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Isabel is a promising screenwriter who has dedicated her life to become a writer for a hit telenovela. When she finally gets her chance, her mentor Lauro Valente betrays her. At the premiere, Isabel decides to confront him and magically ends up in his telenovela as the main character. From the inside, she will be able to prove her creativity.

  • Genero: Comedia
  • Actores: Monica Iozzi, Miguel Falabella, Caio Menck, Maria Bopp, Suzy Rêgo, Marcello Antony, Herson Capri, Ary França, Leandro Villa, Luana Xavier, Pedro Ottoni, Gabriela Loran, Elisa Pinheiro, Tarcísio Filho, Yara de Novaes
Poseidon HD 2

PoseidonHD 2